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The Analytical Wavelength

A podcast about chemical knowledge and data in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries.

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Episode 5: Reaching New Heights with High Throughput Experimentation

High-throughput experimentation is back again.

It's actually been with us for decades, but companies are paying more attention to this powerful approach to chemistry. They've solved some old problems, gained a better understanding of how to design HTE studies, and realized the data-science potential unlocked by high throughput chemistry.

Join us on a 4-decade journey through HTE. From the 80s and early 90s, to what's happening in pharmaceutical labs today, and what scientists hope for in the future, you'll hear it on Episode 5 of The Analytical Wavelength.

Episode 4: The Future of Chemistry Education

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries have changed a lot in recent decades – has chemistry education kept up?

What skills are industry looking for now? Are universities and high schools meeting those needs? What do students need to do to be competitive in the chemistry workforce of tomorrow?

Join us in Episode 4 for insightful perspectives on the future of chemistry, as well as stories of how Lego can be used to teach programing.

Episode 3: Setting the Standard: Impact of Method Standardization in Chromatography

What do a racecar and an LC/MS system have in common? They’re both sophisticated machines whose performance must be measured by applicable standards.

Scientists have long recognized the importance of standards, but with improvements in technology, the way we set them has changed. How can we use standardization to better communicate cutting-edge science? How can we improve our efficiency as chromatographers through data sharing?

Join us in Episode 3 to hear the racecar analogy, learn about method standardization, and catch a mention or two of vampire bats.

Episode 2: Evaluating Your Technology Toolbox

What technology do you use at work? How well does it work for you? And what tech are you hoping and praying will land on your lab bench or computer one day?

Technology scouting is the process of identifying gaps in a business that can be filled with new tech. Maybe it's the manual copying-and-pasting of data that could be automated. Maybe it's a cool experiment that could be done with a new instrument. Whatever the gap, finding a good solution requires a thought-through approach. How should you approach tech scouting to get the best outcome for your work and your organization?

Join us in Episode 2 to learn how to evaluate your technology toolbox.

Episode 1: Mass Spec 1100101—Data and the Mass Spectrometrist

Mass spectrometry has changed a lot over the last 20 years, and it'll change even more over the next 20. Some of that change has been driven by hardware advances, but we're also capable of collecting, analyzing, organizing, and storing a lot more data. How have the last 20 years looked, and what are the most promising new advances? What's the 1100101 on data in mass spectrometry? Are machine learning and AI going to make a difference in MS?

Join us in Episode 1.