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Subscription-Access to Expert Analytical Tools for CROs

As the trend to outsource drug discovery and development projects becomes increasingly common, contract research organizations (CROs) position themselves to cope with pressures to meet tight deadlines and strict budgets by using the same trusted software used in Big Pharma.


Subscription-access to expert analytical tools that handle analytical data generated by multiple instruments can speed sample turnaround and improve productivity, while effectively managing costs as projects arise.

How Subscription Works?

  1. ACD/ChemSketch is provided free to all potential users
  2. ACD/Labs software is installed on desktops or the company network
  3. User requests license key(s) to access software when needed
  4. License subscriptions are monitored and billed semi-annually
  5. Renew or extend subscription as new projects begin or expand

Benefits of Subscription

Subscription access to expert analytical tools that are trusted and used by pharmaceutical companies help CROs meet their goals to complete more projects faster and cheaper and support long-lasting relationships with drug sponsors.