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MetaSense What's New

Version 2018.1

User-Defined Reactions

Cross-Species Experiments

Customizable Data Reporting Template

Data Import & Processing

Data Import

We continue to improve and support all major instrument vendor data formats. This version includes enhancements to the following:

Support of the new Agilent DAD data format, through import of *.sqlite files from instrument *.D folders

Improved support for XCalibur (Thermo Fisher Scientific), NetCDF, Agilent LC/MS 6000 (*.bin), Agilent LC/MS TOF (*.wiff), and Shimadzu LC/MS-IT-TOF (*.lcd) files

Data Display

Easily access data on metabolites filtered out of further analysis through the Filtered  Metabolites table [+]

LC/UV/MS Data Processing & Analysis

Learn more about tools for processing and analysis of LC/UV/MS data and general tools for multi-technique, vendor agnostic data handling [+]