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Software to Deliver Answers for Open Access Analytical Labs

LC/MS and NMR results from walk-up analytical laboratories in a single, web-based interface—powered by ACD/Spectrus Portal

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Reduce software training with a single software platform for all techniques and vendor formats
Simplify deployment with new ACD/Spectrus Portal technology—platform-independent web-based software
Reduce IT overhead with a fully supported solution

Answers from Analytical Experiments in Your Web Browser

Designed for routine users, ACD/Labs' solution for Open Access labs delivers visualization of multi-technique analytical results in a purpose-built, browser-based interface. This vendor-neutral software quickly helps answer the question 'did I make x, and if so, how much?'

Review LC/MS and NMR results in a simple, interactive interface
Report with ease
Search the interpreted data for future review and analysis

Automated Data Processing and Analysis

This end-to-end solution supports the full workflow of open access laboratories, post-data acquisition. Hyphenated mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance data is processed and interpreted in a vendor-neutral platform. Chemically intelligent algorithms are applied with tried-and-tested automation technology to reduce the burden of routine analysis.

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