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ACD/Labs develops and commercializes software solutions for scientists working with small molecules in chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D. Our expertise is in managing unified chemical, structural, and analytical information in a homogeneous software environment; generating knowledge from data through advanced algorithmic tools and dynamic visualization; and enabling storage, search, retrieval, and re-application of live data throughout the research and development process.

This combination of capabilities makes ACD/Labs the foundation of unified laboratory intelligence (ULI) for companies involved in research and development of chemical entities.



Chemicals and Material Science

Contract Research Organizations


Flavors and Fragrances

Food and Beverage

Forensics and Doping Laboratories

Water and Environmental

Chemical and Analytical Knowledge Management

Drug Discovery

Open Access Laboratory

Quality Assurance and Competitive Analysis

Katalyst D2D

Software for automated planning, execution, and analysis of high throughput experiments.


Enterprise software environment for the efficient and comprehensive management of impurity data. Establish effective process and analytical impurity control strategies based on live spectral data and route knowledge, in a purpose-built environment.


The software solution for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification. Automatically generate and share biotransformation maps—with connected spectra, chromatograms, and structures—from LC/MS data analysis.

Decision-Support for Preformulation Studies

Bring together all your spectra, chromatograms, images, meta data, structures, crystallization conditions, and more, from high throughput instruments, thermal analyses, Raman, IR, XRPD, and other experimental information, into a single environment.