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Software Life Cycle Policy

ACD/Labs' Extended Software Life Cycle Policy corresponds with deployment and maintenance policies employed by our customers, and conventions within the software industry.

Product Life Cycle

Major versions are released annually with an update available mid-release which allows us to deliver the most up-to-date functionality to our customers.

Technical Support

ACD/Labs Technical Support is available for customers with a valid maintenance plan. Support is provided for two years from the date of purchase. Patches and enhancements will be developed for the current major version only. No new updates will be made available for prior versions.

Version Launch Date End of Technical Support
(with release of)
2018 Sept. 2018 Version 2020
2017 Sept. 2017 Version 2019
2016 Sept. 2016 Version 2018

* If a subsequent version of the software is not released within our usual cycle, support for previous and current versions is extended accordingly.

Updates & Service Packs

Updates and upgrades are provided at no additional cost to customers with valid annual maintenance for their ACD/Labs software.

As part of the Extended Life Cycle Policy, rolling online updates will be released as they become available, and will be delivered via our online update server. These updates will offer user-experience enhancements, new capabilities, and bug fixes.

Update DVDs can be mailed periodically to customers under a maintenance contract, upon request. These DVDs will contain the cumulative updates for the current major version and can be used to easily update desktop and simple software installations.

Maintenance Plan

ACD/Labs' maintenance delivers product enhancements, bug fixes, software upgrades, and access to our knowledgeable technical support specialists for the term of the plan (usually valid for one year from date of purchase, and renewable annually).

Maintenance plan holders are entitled to:

Maintenance plans and updates can be purchased at any time. Contact your ACD/Labs account manager or distributor, or e-mail for more information.