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Maintenance & Support Policies

Technical Support

ACD/Labs Technical Support is available for customers with a valid maintenance plan. Support is only provided for the two most recent major versions (currently 2020 and 2021). Users under a multi-year maintenance contract are responsible for updating to one of the two most recent major versions to receive support.

ACD/Labs software follows the "major.minor.patch" convention. For 2021.1.3: major version is 2021; minor version is 1; patch version is 3.

An update increments the minor and/or patch versions (example: 2021.1.1 to 2021.1.2). A new version release increments the major version (i.e., 2020 to 2021).


Enhancements will be developed for the current major version only (2021). Updates (including those enhancements) are provided at no additional cost to customers with valid maintenance for their ACD/Labs software.

An enhancement refers to software maintenance that satisfies one or more of the following properties:

Updates are provided to valid maintenance contract holders only. Updates are available (twice a year) via the ACD/Labs Web Updater, which can be found in the installation folder.

A link to download and install the update can be provided to customers under a maintenance contract, upon request only. This link contains the cumulative updates for the latest major version. This method of delivery for updates may be necessary when the user has a strict firewall or other limitations that would prevent them from using the Web Updater.

Should a complete software reinstall be required (in cases where the user’s version is not compatible with the most recent version), it will be sent via email. The email will contain a link from which users can download the ACD/Labs installer. The installer files should be saved to the user's computer, as the download link will expire. It is recommended that any older versions of the software be fully uninstalled and deleted prior to running the installer and installing the latest version.

Maintenance Plan

ACD/Labs' maintenance delivers product enhancements, bug fixes, software updates, and access to our knowledgeable technical support specialists for the term of the plan (usually valid for one year from the date of purchase, and renewable annually). The specific terms of the maintenance agreement can be found here. Maintenance plan holders are entitled to:

Maintenance plans and updates can be purchased at any time. Maintenance plans for customized software are available under specific circumstances. Please contact your ACD/Labs account manager or distributor, or contact us for more information.