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Results Are In: 2017 Customer Survey

March 1, 2018
by Sanji Bhal, Director, Marketing & Communications, ACD/Labs

At ACD/Labs, our main focus is improving the ways scientists collect, manage, and analyze data, so they can focus on evaluating results and making decisions to progress their projects with confidence and efficiency. In order to achieve this, we continue to improve and develop comprehensive, innovative, and industry-leading software solutions that help our clients accelerate research and strengthen their competitive position. For instance, in October 2017 we released our version 2017.1 update for the Spectrus Platform, which includes enhanced functionality for our metabolite identification solution, MetaSense, and introduces our new impurity data management solution, Luminata.

While we continue to innovate on the backend, we also maintain our efforts to “check-in” with customers who purchase and use our software. Do our platforms and products serve their purposes? Are we fulfilling customers’ needs as a solutions provider and partner?

With this in mind, we conducted our first formal customer service oriented survey in 2017. Completed by 482 industry professionals working in pharmaceuticals, academia, agrosciences, life science, and chemicals and materials science, our survey explored satisfaction with ACD/Labs’ support, responsiveness, employee knowledge, and overall software quality.

Customer Satisfaction infographic blog-01

Our Services and Support team are comprised of experts in a broad range of scientific disciplines, including IT professionals, project managers, and technical support specialists, who are crucial in assisting customers’ deployments and use of our software. 93 percent of customers who completed the survey were satisfied with the support provided by ACD/Labs. Customers noted that they received “the best technical support experience they have ever had,” with 91 percent of participants willing to recommend the company and our support to others. Further, 99 percent of customers were impressed with our employees’ knowledge claiming that “ACD/Labs’ professionals are always clear and precise with their answers.”

Creating user-friendly software is a top priority and we were encouraged that participants gave our software a 7.4 ease-of-use rating out of 10. Since some of our expert software products help analysts with their most challenging problems (e.g., development and optimization of stability-indicating methods and characterization of unknowns) we accept that, while we’d like to build easy-to-use intuitive tools, the amount of functionality and flexibility required does not always lend itself to a ‘10’ in ease-of-use.  Customers reported that “despite the complexity of the software, the final product is worth the time and effort” and the “ease-of-use and user-friendly interface is really enjoyable.”

It’s also important to us that the software adoption and use experience is positive, and we were very pleased that 96 percent of customers reported overall software satisfaction, stating “the software has made life very easy” and that they are “completely satisfied with the program and the company.”

As scientific expertise evolves and advances, our goal is to continue ensuring that our products and services are responsive and relevant. We help customers retain the chemical context and knowledge extracted from projects, so that it can be used to resolve challenging problems and foster collaborations between groups. We’re excited that our customers are satisfied with our solutions and support but we will not be resting on our laurels. We will continue to enhance and iterate on our current technologies and will strive to build even closer relationships with the people that matter to us most—our customers.

We’ll be at PANIC 2018 starting on 03/03/2018, and sharing more of our survey findings with attendees. Stop by booth #9 to ask questions if you plan on attending. We’ve also included the full infographic below if you’d like to see the results for yourself!
Customer Satisfaction infographic-01

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