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 About Us - ACD Labs

Our main objective is to enhance an organization's ability to effectively fast-track chemistry projects by fine-tuning scientist productivity through smart decisions based on analytical chemistry and the potential biological endpoints of their products.

With over two decades of experience boosting the productivity of synthetic and analytical chemistry laboratories worldwide, our software's ability to understand and preserve the relationship between chemistry projects and analytical data is unmatched. As scientific expertise evolves and projects move forward, we help keep analytical data alive and relevant by unlocking the untapped value hidden within chemistry projects, decisions, and the data that drives them. We ensure that the context and knowledge extracted from projects is retained and leveraged to quickly resolve challenging problems and foster collaborations between groups and departments. All of this is achieved in a fully integrated way that preserves and enhances the performance of existing and future informatics systems.

Company History

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) was established in 1994 in Toronto, Canada, to bring software, developed by a team of Ph.D. Chemists that met at University, to the North American market. With just a handful of products in the areas of NMR prediction, nomenclature, chemical structure drawing, and physicochemical property prediction, ACD/Labs opened a small office in Toronto with just two staff members.

20 years later our team has grown to over 160 employees worldwide and we service customers globally. We are proud to continue to operate as a private company out of Toronto. With offices in the UK, Germany, France, India, and China; development locations in Eastern Europe; and distributors in 13 countries; we offer innovative scientific software and solutions to our customers to help increase the productivity and efficiency of chemical research and development.