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Macro 1D NMR Integrate spectrum based on integral information from a reference spectrum, export the table of integrals and load the table in Excel. Test ESP files are also included. Note this is set to work for Microsoft Office 11 but can be modified if need be. 12.01 2010-04-09 Login
Macro 1D NMR Calculate the w/w% and set it to a user data field. Test ESP file and Quanalyst QPR are included. 12.01 2010-04-09 Login
Script Any Check the registry for a specific integer 12.01 2009-04-21 Login
Script Any Display a message box viewing all the atoms in a structure 12.01 2009-04-20 Login
Macro 1D NMR The macro file will search a Varian procpar file for the parameters sampwt and iswt (short for sample weight and internal standard weight). Note both files must be stored in the same folder. 12.01 2009-04-10 Login
Macro 1D NMR Perform different processing depending on the nucleus 12.01 2009-04-09 Login
Macro 1D NMR Peak fit and integrate a specific region 12.01 2009-04-08 Login
Macro 1D NMR Set variable file names to User data 12.01 2009-04-06 Login
Macro 1D NMR ZF, FT, Phase, PP, calculate S/N ratio 12.01 2009-04-05 Login
Macro Chrom Apply baseline, label solvent front, peak pick, integrate 12.01 2009-04-04 Login
Macro Curve Manager Transform TGA data from weight to weight percentage and change the axes names 11.02 2008-12-01 Login
Macro 1D NMR Extract specific decimal place from a string 11.03 2008-10-29 Login
Macro 1D NMR ZF, FT an FID depending on the nucleus 11.03 2008-08-07 Login
Macro 2D NMR ZF, FT a 2D NMR dataset 11.03 2008-08-07 Login

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