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This Halloween, we will explore how data “dies” and why you can’t bring it back to life. Not only that, but we will discover the secret of how you can keep your analytical data alive… forever!

Getting Control of Extractables and Leachables Data Many medicines come in a container, whether a bottle, blister pack, syringe, or inhaler. We rarely think about these container-closure systems, but what if they adversely interacted with our medicines or slowly released a toxic contaminant? Extractables and leachables (E&L) is a specialization within pharmaceutical development that studies...

Is there anything that analytical chemists hate more than false positives and false negatives? While it is impossible to eliminate error completely, it is possible to control it. Understanding the relationship between false positives and negatives allows us to optimize our experimental design. We discuss more in this blog post.

The rapid increase in biopharmaceutical approvals and sales indicates their tremendous opportunities in the coming years. Innovative software solutions play an essential role in unlocking that potential. Learn more about how ACD/Labs brings chemical intelligence to biopharmaceutical research in this blog post.