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ACD/Labs Staff Gather to Connect, Align, Learn…and Play | Celebrating 25 Years

June 20, 2019

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration this year we took the opportunity to bring all of the company together in Malaga (Spain) to work together and also spend some time socializing and getting to know one another better.

ACDLabs group photo

Not every single one of us made it, nevertheless, we were an impressive number!

While we spent time working together to ensure that we continue to provide the best software, service, and support to our customers, we also had fun (as you will witness below!). We broke the ice by getting to know people we had not met—collecting signatures from a member of each department. Some people got pretty enthusiastic and collected as many signatures as they could!


The web-development team discussed future applications, among many other topics.


The technical support and services team (TSS) were keeping up with customer requests wherever they could.


Sales and TSS got competitive in finding the best way to identify which of our solutions would best fit popular user scenarios.

20190522_100057 20190522_100136

What better way to unwind and socialize at the end of a long working day than a beverage from the bar?

Spain2019 (7)

….or an early morning swim (brrrr…17°C = 63°F). The ACD/Labs team is a hardy bunch. We started the week with 5 participants in the early morning dip in the cool Alboran Sea and began our last day with more than 70!

We had a trip down memory lane to see how we’ve grown over 25 years. For you old time users of ACD/Labs software. Do you remember our old demo CD’s? Well, we converted them to modern players just for the occasion.


Professional services and TSS got their hands sticky with some team building activities.

Spain2019 (15)

Team Orange brought their A game to the Tug-of-War, trouncing team Purple 3-0. Yellow won the competition overall though. If you recognize anyone in a yellow bandana, you might want to ask them about it.


There was also, football (or soccer as the N American contingent referred to it!)


…collecting water from the Alboran Sea

Water from sea



…and many indoor activities to keep everyone amused, such as eating a cookie by moving it down your face (no hands allowed).


Pushing cups off a table using lungpower (and a balloon); stacking and unstacking cups as fast as possible…and much more.


And we ended the week with a lovely meal, great company, and a little Flamenco! (Well you know what they say…when in Spain do as the Spaniards do).



ACDLabs Beach group photo


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