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How do Medicinal and Synthetic Chemists use NMR Software?- Part 4

May 6, 2009
by Ryan Sasaki, NMR Product Manager, ACD/Labs

This is a continuation of a series of posts that began here.

Here’s a short and sweet one.

In my last post, I talked about how having immediate access to the processed data is something that most chemists like. From there, for a lot of chemists the workflow is very simple. Let’s just get the integrals looking nice.  Note: They don’t generally look nice from automated processing off the instrument unless multiplets are really well resolved and separated.

So for some chemists, re-cutting their integrals and then printing off the spectrum, just might be the peak of their use of an NMR software package.

But what if this very simple process that generally takes no more than 2 minutes could also provide the chemist with much more valuable information about their spectrum beyond integrals?

I’ll address that on my next post.


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