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More News and Catching up Around the Blogosphere

June 19, 2008
by Ryan Sasaki, NMR Product Manager, ACD/Labs

In my last post I provided my excuse for not blogging much as of late.

In addition to that news, I have some other news to report. Over the past 5-6 weeks I have transitioned to a new role and I am now the NMR Product Marketing Manager for ACD/Labs. This role comes with many responsibilities, but most importantly, I am now considered the coordinator and primary point of contact for the strategic business directions of the NMR Product Line. I am thrilled to take on this added responsibility and am looking forward to working even closer with our NMR Development and NMR Technical Teams.

So perhaps now your input on this blog will have an even larger impact 🙂

Enough about me, during my absence there have been some pretty intriguing things being written in the blogs I frequent:

In Oops, Derek Lowe talks about an unfortunate and rather common issue in the industry. Specifically:

“But there are more of these things waiting out there – in
every large compound collection, in every catalog, in every collection
of data are mistakes. Watch for them.”

I’ll definitely be referring back to this one for a future blog post.

Glenn Facey and Arvin Moser continue to provide tips and insight on the acquisition, processing, and interpretation aspects of NMR on their respective blogs.

ChemSpider announced the ability to perform NMR predictions via ChemSpider only to later announce the removal of the service. Tony then applauded the development staff for acting quickly on the issues identified in a public forum.

Weiwei TIAN, has found one of the features in 1D NMR Assistant and/or 1D NMR Processor to be very useful.

Speaking of 1D NMR Assistant, ASDI shares their motivation behind their decision to deploy this software to their chemists.

Happy reading!


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