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How do Medicinal and Synthetic Chemists use NMR Software?- Part 6

May 12, 2009

This is a continuation of a series of posts that began here.

In the previous post of this series, I discussed how chemists can extract multiplet reports in journal format on the fly using the same procedure to re-cut integrals in the spectrum. Well in addition to having this nice reporting tool, the software can make valuable use out of this multiplicity information.

The software has the ability to assist the chemist with the interpretation of their spectrum. It does this by using the NMR prediction algorithms embedded in the software. With the use of these algorithms structure interpretation and verification can be employed.

Essentially when a chemical structure is attached to a spectrum, the software will predict a spectrum in the background and automatically compare the predicted spectrum to the experimental spectrum. To do this automatic evaluation, the software will compare three properties between the spectra:

1) Chemical Shift
2) Integration
3) Multiplicity information

As a result, by re-cutting your integrals in the software (and hence defining multiplet patterns and coupling constants) the software will use this information to help a chemist interpret their spectrum. Specifically, it will use this information to provide the chemist with immediate feedback as to what atoms in the chemical structure a multiplet is consistent with. See the movie below:


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