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The Dip- Databasing NMR Spectra

May 16, 2007

Seth Godin is my favorite author and probably the biggest motivator behind my decision to create a blog about our NMR software.  He just released a new book called, “the dip” (a short but inspirational read).

What’s The Dip?

The best (and perhaps most relevant) example for this audience Seth gives in his book is the following:

If you took organic chemistry in college, you’ve experienced the Dip. Academia doesn’t want too many unmotivated people to attempt medical school, so they set up a screen. Organic chemistry is the killer class, the screen that separates the doctors from the psychologists. If you can’t handle organic chemistry, well, then, you can’t go to med school.

“At the beginning when you announce that you’re premed, you get all sorts of positive feedback and support. Your grandmother can’t believe her good fortune! But soon, the incredible grind of organic chemistry kicks in, and you realize you’re doomed.”

In short, the Dip is “a temporary setback that you will overcome if you keep pushing.

I talk to a lot of users that have our NMR Manager product. The reason this product exists is because it provides users with the ability to build databases of NMR spectra. Unfortunately, I talk to a lot of customers who haven’t gotten around to using this capability.  Some are too busy, some don’t have the time, others can’t remember how to do it because there was so much other detail to absorb in their training session.

I think this is an example of the dip that Seth talks about. At some point, likely when the product was purchased, these users convinced themselves (and their managers) that there was value in obtaining a databasing tool (after all, if you aren’t going to database, it’s much cheaper to just buy NMR Processor). “I can database all of my NMR spectra and provide it as a resource for myself, other spectroscopists, students, faculty, chemists, and the like.”

Somewhere along the way, these users got stuck in the dip. While some have overcome this and now have thousands of NMR spectra stored in an ACD/Labs database, others have yet to database one.

P.S. Seth’s book can be purchased here if you want to learn more about the dip. I recommend you do.

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  1. Some of the more chemistry-oriented readers might find the analogy of activation energy interesting, here 🙂


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