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Rapid Method Selection for Chiral Purification by Chromatography

Enantiomeric purification of chiral compounds is a critical challenge in drug discovery and development as the importance of chiral entities has expanded, representing over 40% of new chemical entities (NCEs) entering the drug market.

Medicinal chemistry groups produce a significant number of compounds per year and place immense pressure on preparative labs to speed purification of chiral compounds while minimizing bottlenecks to drug development.

ACD Labs' chromatographic methods database solutions provide separation scientists with enhanced screening capabilities to quickly find suitable methods, offering laboratories the ability to deliver chiral compounds in an efficient manner.

How it Works

Separation methods are effectively ranked based on a fully searchable library of prior separations work. Automated collection of chromatographic data, generated from almost any instrument, can expand the scope of the knowledgebase and increase its usefulness for future projects. Customizable screening strategies improve the success of method selection with targeted queries based on substructure and physicochemical properties.

Rapid Separations in Support of Drug Discovery

Quick purification turnaround times enable medicinal chemists to further develop drugs and help organizations obtain rapid protection of intellectual property rights as market leaders in drug discovery.

Screen candidate methods faster, purifying more chiral compounds in less time.