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Okpekon et al isolated an unusual new indanone from the shrub Uvaria afzelii Scot Elliot, grown in the West African sub-region, named afzeliindanone. The molecular formula is C16H14O3.

A series of new phenazines were isolated and their structures elucidated; one of these compounds was Dermacozine O, with a molecular formula of C23H15O4N3.

The analysis of C. rotalaria extracts by UHPLC-MS in conjunction with database searching led to the isolation and structure elucidation of a series of new taurine-conjugated anthraquinones, including Comatulin A, molecular formula C20H19NO10S.

A rich source of cembrane-type metabolites has been found to be Lobophytum crassum, a soft coral from the family of Alcyoniidae. Among five new cembrane derivatives that were isolated is Lobocrassin A, molecular formula C20H29ClO4.

Jin et al studied the novel analgesics used in traditional Chinese medicine and as part of this they isolated and elucidated the structure of a novel triamine monoterpene indole alkaloid, Gelstriamine A, molecular formula C22H27N3O5.

Asperspiropene A was first reported by He et al as the second derivative of a class of compounds containing a unique six-membered ring substructure. The molecular formula was determined from the HR-MS spectrum to be C17H26O8.

Iridiod Glycoside Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae) is a genus composed of 580 species. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions and mainly includes small trees, shrubs, and herbs. Many members of the genus havebeen used in traditional medicine around the world. C. myricoides is a shrub with bluish flowers that has been used extensively in traditional...

Lyaline. Structure revision The original sample of lyaline was isolated from the roots of a Madagascan rubiaceous plant, Pauridiantha paucinervis in 1974. It was then reported to have a unique harman-1,4-dihydropyridine scaffold (1). That structure was determined only from EIMS and incomplete 1H NMR data, as recording 13C NMR spectra was not routinely available at that...

Davidone F Sophora davidii (Franch.) belong to the family Fabaceae and are shrubs or small trees found in China. Over the years many natural products have been isolated from them, including alkaloids, steroids, lignans, phenolic acids and, mostly, flavonoids. These have been found to have varying biological activities. The chemical investigation of S. davidii which...